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About us

All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center, Inc. is a home-based, all volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by

Judy Holzman. As a state and federally licensed master wildlife rehabilitator, Judy has been involved in wildlife care since 1990. Volunteers support Judy through assistance with in-home wildlife treatment, animal transport, veterinary services, fund raising and public relations.

Our wildlife center volunteers care for small mammals and birds who are ill, injured or orphaned. Our goal is to restore them to health and release them back to the wild.

We receive referrals from Howard County Animal Control, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, local veterinary practices, as well as individuals. On average we care for 300 to 400 wild creatures a year. We also address the public's concerns by providing educational materials and phone consultations.  We accomplish all this in great part through your generosity as we receive no local, state or federal funding. 

​"Please know that I will never forget the little bird I brought to you to save...I have never been so touched by any life form as I was by that dear trusting little bird"

~~ Susan Smithers


One of the many animals Judy feeds and monitors multiple times each day.

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