Every day is one of thanks.

We would like everyone to know how grateful we are for their support of our efforts to make the world a better place for all creatures, great and small.

Board Members & Volunteers

Board Members

Nancy Albrecht         Sylvia Bloch            Eva Sunell           
Andy Wood  


The Holzman family (who continue to share their living space with countless wild creatures)


Val Dagostaro           Holly Griffith            Lindsay Harvey John Janowiak          Lynn Lee                  Bill Longenecker     Pam Longenecker    Ellen Manning         Sandi Meyerhoff      Haley O'Connell        Sue Probst               Wenona Stark          Trysh Swift                 Maura Wade             Mark Wallace           Barbara Wolfert      

Tribute Donations

Very special gifts, indeed, when made in honor, appreciation, or memory of a loved one, or a special event.  These represent donations made over the last 18 months: 

In Memory of Frank Buckler by Peggy Ciniero, and also by Joyce and Thomas Kostro.  Jul 2020

In Memory of Guy Hawkins, from CNR Insurance Company, Annapolis, MD.  Mar 2020


Remembering Guy Hawkins, from the Dublin Family.  Mar 2020

Business Sponsors

The Howard County Bird Club

Mother Nature's in Columbia​, MD

Claire and Dave, thank you....again!  Your clients were very giving in exchange for the bird feeder cleaning service you provided.  All Creatures Great & Small is most appreciative of your kind and generous gift!  

The Wildlife Authority, Ellicott City, MD



You help us help them!

To many who send gifts, "just because," throughout the year.  We thank you for supporting our lifesaving work!

~Many thanks to Columbia Girl Scout Troop #286 for the nest boxes and hammocks for our baby squirrels!


Please do not drop off

an animal until we have spoken to each other on the phone and arranged a time for you to arrive.  To do otherwise could (and has in the past) place the animal in mortal danger.





Unless otherwise indicated, all photographic images are the property of Thuis Studios and may only be used by All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center, Inc.


10111 Silver Twine Lane
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