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There are so many ways to help make a positive impact in the lives of our wild friends!

Share your concern and knowledge, volunteer and/or donate to help us rehabilitate and keep our wildlife neighbors safe and healthy. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations to All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center, Inc. are tax deductible as the law allows.  Since we receive no local, state or federal assistance, it is your generosity that enables us to fulfill our mission.  100% of your contribution goes to the care and rehabilitation of wild creatures and the dissemination of educational materials.  ​​

Your volunteer service is invaluable to our mission!  Give us a call to see where your compassion can fit into our program!

​Monetary Donation

Secure online gifts may be made

by clicking:



Support via check may be forwarded to:

All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center, Inc.
10111 Silver Twine Lane
Columbia, MD 21046-1341

Whether in tribute to human or animal family member or friend, in recognition of a special event, or "just because," all donations, no matter the size, are gratefully accepted.

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Perpetually required: 

​~Unscented high efficiency laundry detergent
~Unscented bleach
~White paper towels
~Unscented white toilet paper
~Sheets/towels/baby receiving blankets (no holes or frayed ends, please)

There are times when we have "special" requests which depend upon our in-house patients.  If you would like to learn if there are any at this time, please ring 410-740-5096.

Any of these items may be sent or delivered to:

All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center, Inc.
10111 Silver Twine Lane
Columbia, MD 21046-1341

All in-kind donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible as the law allows.



Animal Rescue Drivers:  We are always in need of volunteers to drive animals to our vets.  If you, or anyone you know, are willing to help with this, please let us know (T/410-740-5096). Handling the animals is not required, and we can provide monetary assistance if desired. ​

Handy with Wood, Needle, or Sewing Machine?:  The critters would be very happy to have  a supply of nesting boxes, perches and hammocks.  Please ring Judy at 410-740-5096 for information and instructions on how to make these quality-of-life enhancers.  




Our organization's

federal tax identification number

(aka an employer identification number or EIN) is:  #52-2208285


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