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Bird Struck a Window? Don't Wait to Seek Help.

Traumatic impact injuries are often fatal for birds. To give the bird a chance to recover, it's important to quickly find a rehabilitation specialist who knows how to administer the proper medication to help counter the effects of the impact.

Place the bird in a small ventilated box lined with paper towels. Create a "donut" in which the bird can be propped upright and supported in such a way that it will not fall on to its back or side. Keep the bird in a quiet, dimly lit and climate controlled room away from pets and children until which time you're able to connect with a rehabilitation. Secure the box in your vehicle (e.g.: via seatbelt) or have a passenger carefully hold the box to prevent it from moving too much during travels to the specialist.

To prevent future collisions, you can find ideas here and also from the American Bird Conservancy.

photo credit: Tracey Lowrey


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