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ACG&SWC Gets a Prank Call?

"in the....squawk squawk squawk...fledge...squawk squawk squawk...kidnap....squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk...6225"

"Judy," says Hal, Judy's husband, "I think someone is trying to wind you up. I swear that sounds like a fledgling on the answering machine."

And sure enough it was. A phone call from someone who picked up a Blue Jay fledgling who had been sitting in the middle of the exit off of Airport Loop Rd and urgently trying to reach All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center for guidance (which is what the "kidnap" refers to. The caller thought she might have kidnapped the bird...but in hindsight realized there was no other Jay around.). The connection was awful and punctuated by the calls of the frightened little bird.

Despite being in the middle of a busy road, the little bird escaped with no injuries, only dehydration (so he/she hadn't be cared for for a while). Luckily he/she will soon be back on the RIGHT road...the one to health and release. In the meantime, he/she will be rooming with a Robin and Mockingbird!

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