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Squirrels building nests in the wrong neighborHOOD

Sure, we've all heard of squirrels (and other animals) getting under the hoods of cars to escape wintry weather...but in the horrendous heat of summer? Yep, it happened. And it wasn't noticed until AFTER the person had driven a number of miles and noticed a funny sound and smell. Hood opened in the hot August Maryland heat and a nest with a baby squirrel on top.

The little guy fell to the burning black top and somehow had the strength to crawl under the vehicle. Luckily, the people keep a capture kit in their cars and they were able to get the little guy and bring him to ACG&SWC (after removing the nest and checking for other squirrels).

They checked again before leaving ACG&SWC to head home to Annapolis. What happened next? Momma squirrel was poking around under the van. Shoo momma! Oh ____! There's a motionless tail hanging under the bumper...and a baby trapped. It wasn't until the cowling was pulled repeatedly that the little guy rolled free. He had made an at least 66-mile perilous trip in heat index of over 100*F PLUS the heat of the van engine. Back to ACG&SWC.

And after some fluids and well-deserved R+R, the next day they were brought home. Momma found the first little intrepid explorer. He climbed out of the nesting box and fell, almost, into her arms. She balled him up and took him to a new nest. Unfortunately, she never discovered the other little guy, who because he was still nursing, had to return to ACG&SWC.

Please ALWAYS check your vehicles year round. Please call a rehabilitator for humane solutions to what can be a tragic situation.

Here are the post-rescue images of momma looking for her babies and the last little guy in the squirrel box before he was returned to ACG&SWC.

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